2019 Israeli Security Expo Promises to Deliver Solutions to New-Age Threats

The 2019 International HLS & Cyber Expo is all set to be the largest cybersecurity conference and exhibition in Israel.

Attracting global leaders from law enforcement, special forces, defense, and cybersecurity communities, this massive expo is sure to introduce more than a few new-age solutions to modern threats.

Due to its geographical proximity to many unfriendly nations, Israel routinely relies on battle-tested defense technologies to keep its citizens safe.

In this massive 3-day event, more than 15,000 guests from all over the globe are expected to visit. The expo will not only showcase new Israeli defense technologies, but it will also have 300 exhibitors from all across the globe.

Why ISDEF International HLS & Cyber Security Expo is Important?

Israel leads the pack when it comes to combating emerging threats. Considering most modern nations are susceptible to these threats, this expo allows military leaders to quickly catch up on years of research and prepare ironclad defensive systems against these relentless attacks. The rules of fighting terrorism and warfare are quickly changing and following are 3 technologies that can help nations defend themselves.

Cyber Warfare: From rigging elections to causing an economic meltdown, a well-coordinated cyber-attack can cripple a country in a matter of days.

Enemy nations can not only get access to sensitive databases and confidential defense plans, but they can also cause catastrophic events by getting access to critical systems such as city water purification systems, computer-operated dams, and others.

The only way to combat cyber-attacks is to remain updated about the latest developments. Considering that Israel is the leading nation in cyber warfare and anti-cyber warfare technologies, this expo is the first step for decision makers to prepare their defenses against this global threat.

Anti-Drone Solutions: Almost anyone can now buy a drone equipped with a 4K camera off the internet. This greatly compromises security and privacy. Considering the sheer number of civilian drones in the sky, both commercial players and government agencies need to invest in proper anti-drone solutions.

These systems need to be capable enough to detect an invading drone and neutralize it before it can cause any harm. Prisons authorities all across the globe are now facing an emerging drone threat.

Contrabands are now being flown inside prison grounds by criminal drone operators. The expo promises to unveil the latest in anti-drone technologies for both commercial and defensive sectors that will keep an area secure from rogue drones.

Facial Recognition and Homeland Security Techs: Stopping illegal immigration is the first step towards preventing terrorism. However, that’s definitely easier said than done. Manual background checking is both effort-intensive and ineffective.

Advancements in AI technology and facial recognition systems now allow security agencies such as Homeland Security to detect criminals from a crowd. These systems work by scanning a person’s face and then running it through criminal databases.

These facial recognition systems are often installed in airports and international entry points. The expo promises to introduce the latest in facial recognition techs for government agencies.