Best Ways to Protect & Tracking Children’s Online Activities Using iPhone Keylogger

So you have decided to monitor someone’s activity via the iPhone. Well, you’re not alone. Fortunately, humanity has already invented software and apps that can help you monitor and control the use of an iPhone using iPhone Keylogger.

These programs are called keylogger and can be readily found on the Internet. If you think that someone close to you is exposed to something terrible and offensive, you should get a keylogger for iPhone like iKeyMonitor.

Undetectable keylogger for iPhone

iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone contains an invisibility feature. It causes the tracking application not to be detected by the phone user. Even if someone knows the general operation of the device, the tracking application ensures that it is not revealed to the user of the phone.

It helps you get a real account of all the activities that occur on the target device and at the same time ensures that it remains invisible to the user of the device on which the tracking application is installed.

Track all text messages and call history

The iPhone keylogger allows you to record and track all incoming and outgoing calls. It not only provides access to text messages sent and received using the target device, but also allows you to keep a record of images exchanged via MMS messages. These text messages and pictures are accessible from a person’s account.

Access to social networking applications

The most exciting feature of this application is that it allows you to read conversations through WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook.

Since most conversations take place through these social networking applications, the tracking application provides virtually unparalleled access to messages sent by the iPhone user.

It provides ubiquitous access and includes monitoring not only text messages, but also photos, videos and audio files exchanged with these social networking applications.

GPS Location Tracking using iPhone Keylogger

The tracking application allows you to access the location of the device on which the application is installed. This feature is useful for quickly tracking the position of the monitored device.

It can be of great value to parents who want to track down their children or employers who want to know where their employees are. Above all, if you lose your iPhone, the app can help you determine the nearest location.

The tracking application tracks the detection of the destination device, even if the SIM card is changed. This would ensure continuous monitoring of the target device regardless of the change of the SIM card (s). So long as the target device is connected to a good network, iKeyMonitor will work properly.

More devices, all at once

1 license works on 1 device. And you can track multiple iPhones and iPads under one account. This ensures that you can keep track of your children and staff at the same time. In case you manage a company or an organization with about 25 employees, you can use the company package and control up to 25 devices at the same time.

Access to the Internet history

The monitoring application allows you to monitor all the web activity that occurs on the monitored iPhone. The app allows you to view the history of the Internet as it is possible to see the exact address of the websites visited, as well as the date and time of access. This particular function helps parents keep track of the content their children are exposed to. It also allows employers to access the activities of their employees in the event of more time spent surfing the Web than doing the work required by the job.

Access to the to-do list

Nowadays, people use their iPhones for a wide range of activities, which include to-do lists, professional or personal work, or both. The phone tracker helps you keep track of these to-do lists and other annotations stored on the monitored device. Besides, the application allows unimpeded access to notes and dates stored on the calendar of the target device using iPhone Keylogger.

Access to contacts

The tracking application makes a copy of all contacts stored on the monitored device using this iPhone Keylogger. It allows unlimited access to these contacts without the user knowing such supervision.

Nothing works best if it is strong and reliable protection for your family or to control your online employees compared to iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone. You can block the forbidden apps and games so as to keep everything under control.