Natural Products To Guide You In Tailored Lifestyle Choices For Your Cat Breed

Natural Products To Guide You In Tailored Lifestyle Choices For Your Cat Breed

For many years people have been trying to make better food choices, looking for alternatives when it comes to the products we add to our diets, and even more so recently with the health scares and world situations. 

We are using home-grown food sources, produce harvested with no harmful pesticides or chemicals, and implementing these into the lives of our families and our pets. 

Some people may think that animals or our pets can eat anything, but they too need nutritionally wholesome diets and meals catered for them to live fuller, longer, and more quality lives.

They have come into our family as members and complete our days. If you have ever come home after a long shift or meetings that never seemed to end and you’re greeted at the door with a smiling slobbery face or stroking from a cuddly kitty then you will know all too well what I mean.

Our pets can sense when we need them and they never disappoint in the affection department. For a heart-warming moment while on your tea break, take a look at these images and see just how wonderful our furry family members are.

Just for these moments, it is worth making an effort for their dietary needs, am I right?

Food suppliers for you.

Walking into grocery stores can be daunting when it comes to knowing which brand is the best, which products offer a variety of items catering to all needs and age groups, and the most important element the ingredients list. 

Labels claim to be all-natural yet when you try to read (or should we say ‘decipher’) the ingredients we have no idea what we are putting into our bodies or of our loved ones, and this was not an option we wanted to take. 

After days and hours of research we narrowed it down to a company that ticked all the boxes for us, they offered products that catered to the specific dietary needs of our cats which are highly fussy and a variety of meal options which meant they wouldn’t be bored with the same meals each day. 

That being said, what sealed the deal for us and what appealed to us from the get-go was that the items were from a plant called the Hemp flower and were made from Cannabidiol – also known as CBD.

While it is part of the marijuana family, with the hallucinogenic component THC extracted which gives you the high feeling in marijuana, CBD is as natural as it comes. 

Businesses such as Holistapet among others are changing the way we maintain a healthy lifestyle for our pets, environmentally safe products, and food items that are toxin-free and rid of pesticides – as with most farming produce.

A brand we recommend to all our family and friends who have pets and who want to improve their quality of living, ailments are managed and rectified, visible signs of pain are no longer, we only wished we had found it sooner.


When first hearing that this ingredient comes from the cannabis Sativa family critics immediately conclude it is drugs and thereof illegal and dangerous, but with proper research, you will soon discover this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Essentially the Cannabis Sativa plant and the flower is divided into two ‘parts’ if you will, one that contains the highly psychoactive ingredient THC (learn more about it if you click here) and the part that does not.

The best method of extracting this compound is with the CO2 method which has the least amount of solvents left after extraction and thus does not alter the concentration or quality. Other methods can be used but be sure to check manufacturing processes and origins in case chemicals were used at any stage or to speed up the manufacturing due to demand.

Product labels should ideally state the CBD content per unit you are buying, and always purchase from reliable and reputable companies. Too many times people have bought CBD advertised products only to receive less than an effective amount which has been diluted.

CBD is revolutionizing the way we approach modern medicine and our lifestyles, don’t get caught left behind.