Why You Should Not Use Pirated Software

If you do not have the money to immediately afford the piece of software you would like, there is a big temptation to find a pirated version of what you need online. However, this is dangerous as you don’t always know what you are getting. Here are some of the top reasons why you should never use pirated software.


The big risk with using pirated software is that it might be loaded with malware which could seriously damage your computer. Think you have scored a great deal by downloading what you need for a brilliant discount or even for free? Think again. You may have to spend even more money than the initial price of the software trying to fix your computer.

Some types of malware are not even noticeable when you first boot them up. You could unknowingly start using the software while, in the background, the malware is copying all of your sensitive data and preparing to shut your processes down.

Limited Functions

It is rare to find a perfectly working, straight copy of the software you are looking for. In this scenario, you may find some software that looks and behaves incredibly similarly to one that you know and love but lacks some key features.

This does nothing to help you and will in fact hinder anything you attempt to make. Imagine you are trying to do something incredibly complex like flex circuit design with a two-bit software. If you even did manage to cobble together a working design, there is no indication that you would be able to test it to the same degree as you would with legitimate software. Why put yourself through unnecessary stress when there is a workable solution out there? When you commit to genuine software, you know it is going to perform exactly as you need it to.

Lack of Support

There are still times when software fails. Who do you turn to in the event that your pirated software has stopped working? Do you simply abandon it and move on to the next solution? What if your project isn’t compatible with the new software and you have to start over? There are simply too many variables and things which could go wrong while you are attempting to rectify something which has gone wrong with a pirated copy.

However, this is not the case with legitimate software. Such programs typically carry some sort of warranty to help you get a replacement or they may even have a 24-hour tech support service so you can repair things no matter what time of day it is. Functions like this could prove to be a lifesaver when rushing to meet a deadline.

The advantages of using legitimate software will always outweigh that of using pirated software. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you will be saving money by choosing the pirated software. It will only bring you trouble and difficulties which could easily be rectified if you had gone with the real software. Make the right decision today.